Job of the Week

The Client
Our client, a leading global provider of regulatory compliance consulting, software, accounting and tax services to the asset management and securities industry, is looking to hire a Financial & Regulatory Accountant to join their team in Malta.
Key Responsibilities 
  • Monthly management accounts
  • VAT returns
  • Year-end audit files
  • Annual financial statements – drafted to comply with UK GAAP / IFRS


  • Must be recently qualified, or close to completion of a recognised professional accounting qualification
  • The ideal candidate should have sound knowledge of: SAGE (Line 50), MS Excel, Accounting fundamentals & process
  • Looking to move into a growing, financial services-focused practice
  • Looking to develop expertise in regulatory accounting, in particular prudential capital planning, monitoring and reporting
  • Solid client relationship focus
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail and constant desire to improve
Interested candidates are kindly requested to send their CV in MS Word format (your name in the file name) to David at [email protected].
Should you require further information, please, call on +356 2099 4444.

Millennial’s Guide to Finding a Job

Millennials have encountered a lot of criticism for their approach towards the current job market and expectations that, perhaps, are too high. A lot has been said about their demands for cool offices, flexible working hours and ping pong tables.

Being myself a 20-something-year-old I had to face the post-university disappointment and crushed with the reality, in which everyone has a degree, ambitions and wants to be a part of the bigger picture. Frankly, I’m tired of us constantly ranting how difficult life is and not being able to move away from that limbo.

So, what’s stopping us from finding the perfect job and landing the career we’ve been dreaming about since kindergarten?

Learning from my own mistakes and observing my peers has helped me to understand where we are failing. Why do we get stuck in jobs we’ve never wanted to do and why don’t we have enough courage to find our true passion.

I have just landed the job I have always wanted to do, even though it took me 3 years after graduating, moving a country and plenty of ups and downs (yes, there were tears).

How did I get a job I really wanted?

  1. Don’t send 50 application, but 10 passion and quality. You know how it goes, writing a general CV and Cover Letter, scrolling down different job boards and mass sending job applications. Then, you’re surprised nobody gets back to you. Well, I was too. Until I realised that if you spend a little bit more time on proper research and apply to companies that you would genuinely want to work for, they will feel it and they will appreciate it.

  2. Be a little bit more humble. So many of my friends, including myself, walked out of university thinking I have an amazing degree, finished one of the best universities, so I don’t have to apply for entry level, low-paid jobs’. So what? This is the question you have to keep on asking yourself. It’s great to have a list of accomplishments on your CV but the employer is more interested in the result of them and the value you will be able to bring as a consequence of what you’ve done in the past.

  3. Don’t be afraid to go an extra mile. You might have to travel for longer than 30mins and start at minimum wage. But think about the bigger picture. If this is the right company, the travel will stop bothering you and you will most likely get a regular pay rise. What is more important, getting to work quickly or doing something you actually believe in?

  4. Be yourself, but professional. There were so many times I felt like I had to pretend and force myself to say certain things in the interview room. It was probably the first warning sign, meaning that I wouldn’t fit within the company’s culture. I’m not saying you should reveal your deepest secrets, but at least try to feel more comfortable while interviewing and let it be a two-way conversation.

  5. Trust your recruiter. Wherever you’re based and whatever jobs you’re applying for, at some point, you will come across a recruitment agency. They are a middleman between you and the employer, so don’t ignore them. If you don’t impress them, they won’t recommend you and you can forget about getting an interview. Instead, you should listen to them. They know their client and it’s in their best interest for you to get THAT job, so you should take their advice seriously.

So, instead of complaining and reading endless articles on how broken our generations is, start doing something. Go out there and explore, make mistakes and dare to try. Prove them wrong!

With that in mind, I’m off to my new venture. Which I would have never been able to get if not for Quad’s Team. They are the most amazing bunch of people, who not only helped me with the meanders of career change but also supported me through the entire process 🙂

Thanks to everyone, who’s been reading my posts over the last few months, hope you enjoyed it. I will let you know how I am getting along in a few weeks 😉


Maltese election

Survival Guide to Malta’s Election

I presume you’ve heard about the early election in Malta due to be held on the 3rd of June. If not, then you must be living in a different country or you have some magical powers I don’t know of. In that case, please, share them with me.

Good for those, who are into politics, its scandals and never-ending promises. However, for Non-Maltese, it’s probably one of the weirdest times on the island. Mediterraneans are well-known for being laid back…. But not when it comes to the election time in Malta……it’s a completely different story. The Mediterranean passion comes out in full force!

All of a sudden, we find ourselves in the middle of a battle between two opposite camps and friends not talking to each other (they even stop being friends on Facebook). Not to mention, that it’s pretty much the only thing everyone is thinking about and buying your morning pastizzi is like walking into the political dungeon.

Luckily, this time we only have to go through 33 days of that madness. So, what can you do to survive it?

  1. Slow down on Social Media
    I know, you’re not going to survive a day without Facebook and Twitter, I wouldn’t either. But… You can change your settings and unfollow any sources that will mention the election. Instead, like pictures of cute puppies and funny pandas, this way, you will be getting more posts like that
  2. Go to the beach
    One of the reasons why the majority of us moved to Malta is because of the sun and sea. So, why not make the best out of it? Grab a couple of beers, start a barbeque and just enjoy it. Can it get more Mediterranean than that?
  3. Netflix and chill
    Yep, this is NOT a typo. Can you imagine a better way of spending a weekend than hiding for two days, binge watching your favourite TV show, eating take-out and… Chilling with your other half? What did you think I meant by Netflix and chill? Huh?
  4. Go camping
    I’m not the biggest fan of the great outdoors. However, for those who don’t mind bugs and peeing in the bush, that’s probably the best way of disconnecting. Just make it a point to go with someone shares your same political beliefs, though.. Being locked up in a tent for two days with your current enemy might end up as a headline murder story…although probably no one will notice since everyone’s focused on the big event.
  5. Avoid the traditional extended family Sunday lunch
    There’s not much I can say here. Just don’t do it to yourself.

As much as you want to run away, it will still probably catch up with you… Sooner or later you will see the faces of political leaders, banners and manifestos. If you don’t want to get dragged into it, check our daily portion of infotainment to cheer up and get through the day.

Just remember, keep calm, and remember, it’s going to be over soon. Then it will be summer, and many people will be in village festa mood 😀