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What Are You Waiting For?

by Mark J Galea

Many employers are outsourcing their payroll service to third parties, and here are some of the reasons why:

Free up time – Payroll computation is a time-consuming process. Outsourcing payroll can free up staff time to pursue more important value-added and revenue-generating activities, thus boosting productivity.

Reduce costs and boost productivity – In addition to the Payroll Administrator’s salary, as an employer you need to pay NI contributions; statutory bonuses and other entitlements; leave and sick leave (over 1 month of unproductive hours paid to an employee). The direct costs of processing payroll can be greatly reduced by outsourcing this function. In addition to enjoying great savings on the cost of employment, you will save the opportunity cost (not to mention once again the lack of productivity) spent on time dedicated to hiring any possible replacements for long absences and backfills. When, you also factor in other expenses related to the investment and maintenance of hardware and software (yearly updates, license renewals, maintenance agreements etc), you will realise that the saving you make by outsourcing payroll is actually much bigger.

Ensure confidentiality – By outsourcing this function, you are reducing the number of people within your company who are privy to information related to pay packages, pay rises, and other information that can easily be leaked to other parties within the company.

Ensure continuity – If your Payroll Administrator falls ill, or needs to take leave around the end of the month, the timely issuance of employee’s pays and salaries will disrupt other operations (it’s usually Finance that takes the hit). Pays and salaries need to go out on time in order not to demoralise your employees. When outsourcing your payroll function, you are protecting your business from these risks.

Alleviate the pain – In-house payroll is a headache at best and a nightmare at worst. By outsourcing this function, you will eliminate a tiresome source of regular pain.

Avoid technology headaches – A constant question is whether they have the latest version of their payroll software and the most recent tax and NI bands installed on their computer. Using the wrong tax computations will result in penalties and big employee dissatisfaction.

Leverage outside payroll expertise – Most business professionals tend to be so focussed on meeting targets set by ambitious budgets, that they tend to overlook constantly changing regulations (both statutory and those issued by the EU), yearly changes in NI categories, and frequent changes in tax bands.

Losing the Payroll Administrator – If your Payroll Administrator gets a new job, you will have to spend considerable time and money looking for a resource that is getting scarcer due to a number of different reasons. Consequently, salaries for Payroll Administrators are shooting up. Using an outside service eliminates that business risk.

Outsource payroll

Payroll nightmare?

If you know at least one person who takes care of payroll, then you’re probably familiar with all the annoying stories of disgruntled people they have to deal with every day.

Going out for a Friday drink with a friend of mine, who’s a Finance professional, means one thing – listening to her frustrations over payroll, accounts and the constant backlog she has to deal with.

As much as I can imagine payroll being a routine job, to say the least, I still cannot understand why is it such a headache for most companies! At the end of the day, if you’re running a business, you also have to pay your employees and somebody has to deal with this crucial process. If you get the employees’ pay wrong, you’re most definitely asking for trouble.

Working at Quad Consultancy gave me an excellent opportunity to do a bit of research to see why they claim that by outsourcing payroll, people’s life can be made easier.

As it turned out, it’s not payroll itself that is a nightmare but rather the way the companies decide to go about it. If like my friend, you work for a small or medium-sized company, then most likely you don’t have a separate payroll department. It’s either HR or  Finance who ends up doing it, and…guess what? Because of deadlines and other urgent matters, payroll sometimes ends up being seen as a “side job”…and additional task…a nuisance!

They both seem to be thinking that accountants are there for numbers and HR to… well, deal with people. Unfortunately, payroll needs a bit of both and hiring a payroll administrator equals additional cost to your business.

I can imagine how the time to run the payroll function is a cost, but when you add the initial investment in the software, and the yearly costs of software updates, and maintenance agreements, plus the employee’s leave, sick leave, bonuses, NI and other costs, then the natural question is: “is it REALLY worth it?”

And let’s not talk about the headaches of payroll administrators needing to take sick leave at the end of the month. What about replacing them when they leave? Now THAT is a nightmare!

But it CAN get worse! Have you considered the issue of confidentiality? How many times have companies experienced leaks of information about salaries and – horror of horrors – those EVIL performance bonuses?

So, it seems like I got a pretty straightforward answer to my question about payroll being a company’s nightmare.

What’s the solution to your payroll problem?


I’m neither a business owner nor a frustrated employee dealing with payroll. However, I cannot understand why anyone would want to go through so much hassle and expense. It’s just easier to leave it to professionals who will take a headache away at a CHEAPER cost!

Why would you waste time and money on payroll when you can free up the time and boost the productivity by investing in skills they will actually want to learn and use at work? Outsourcing will definitely work out cheaper than hiring a payroll administrator, training them and then watching them leave because they got bored of doing the same thing month in month out…or because they were offered more by someone else. REMEMBER, a good, reliable Payroll Administrator comes at a cost. A huge one indeed!

Now I’m off to meet my friend, and guess what I’m going to be talking to her about! Yes, you’re right. I’m going to talk to her about payroll outsourcing… Maybe in a few weeks, we’ll be able to talk about boys, clothes, hangovers, gossip and other interesting stuff…

Job of the Week

Development Manager

The ClientOur client, a leading online company based in Malta is looking for a Development Manager to join their team.Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for leading a development team consists of Team Leads, Frontend Developer and QAs.
  • Responsible for processes, organization and taking ownership of the competence – and resource planning for your teams.
  • Building and developing the agile organization.
  • Working closely to our product owners and stakeholders to create the best performance, functionality and user experience in the industry
  • Ensure that the teams at all times have the relevant skills to be able to meet their challenges and deliver as fast as possible with quality built-in.


  • Experience from working in fast growing technical organizations, preferably online
  • At least 5 years of experience in managing development teams
  • Technical background, but have taken the step into more of a leader role
  • Strong understanding of software development lifecycle and development methodologies
  • Ability to build relationships, collaborate with and influence cross-functional teams across the organization
  • Resourceful, flexible, and open to new ways of thinking, with the ability to drive change
  • Love for agile and experience in working in agile environment

If you’d like to apply for this role, please send your CV in MS Word format (your name in the file name) toCarmen at [email protected]. Should you require further information, please call on +356 2099 444

Malta and my first impressions / Malte et mes premières impressions

by Cyril Chanson

I have chosen in this article to focus on several aspects of Malta, I will then share my first impressions from when I arrived on the island.

The population of Malta is approximately 430 000 people. This can increase to one and a half million due to tourism. The island is located in the centre of the Mediterranean, at the crossroad between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Malta gained independent from the UK in 1964, while keeping English as one of their national languages together with Maltese.

Let us talk about Malta’s weather … To be candid; Malta looks like a splendid island! If you are unlucky you might see rain, but it is quite scarce. The island benefits from a subtropical-Mediterranean climate: this means a hot and humid summer and a relatively mild winter – you may like to know that in the middle of November it is around 23 degrees during the day.

Regarding to the cost of living in Malta, it is quite good. On one hand the island is a member of the Eurozone, so this avoids the exchange costs. On the other hand, the cost of living is approximately 20% lower than in France. It is not so hard to eat lunch with less than 5e in cafes – Pastizzerias are mostly found at every corner. You also have the possibility to go out for lunch, and enjoy a good pizza for less than 10e, while overlooking the sea like at Piccolo Padre in St Julian’s.

What can I say about the Malta public transport?

Obviously, it is horrendous! Even if it has been updated a few years ago to reach customer expectations, there are a number of buses which do not pass… The only one advice I can give you is to be patient!

I arrived in my host family with a Ferrari’s driver, I’m kidding, and just a taxi who thought that he was professional driver! Remember that they drive on the left side of the road, it had surprised me a bit and I wasn’t reassured, hopefully they know their roads.

At midnight on September 13th, speaking to my host mother allowed me to discover that she is a teacher! So I was pleased to learn that I could buff up on my English, even at home. It was with a soothing mind that I went to sleep, raring to meet the other students the next day!

The one thing which surprised me was the price of water! All I had to do back home is turning on the tap and drink, but not here – it is to wonder if alcohol is cheaper than water.

The next morning on September 14th, I met my housemates, with who I was going to go to EF school, coming from overseas; Japan, China and Italy. EF is one of the biggest language schools in Malta and has its own Beach club. As soon as we entered, I was pleasantly surprised about the diversity of the students. The first discussions which we had between ourselves were relatively hilarious! Most of us were not very skilled in English which is exactly why we came here. After school all students went to party for an amazing night in Paceville.

Paceville for people who don’t know yet is the most well-known place to party in Malta through several bars, which offer cheap alcohol such as a pitcher at 5e, 60 shots for 22e and better still 2 drinks for less than 3e. One of the greatest things here is that you can find different ambiance according to your wishes; from Fuego’s with its free salsa lessons to nightclubs such as Hugo’s. Indeed Paceville allows people to meet each other for a good time.

Malte et mes premières impressions

J’ai choisi de développer dans cet article les raisons de choisir Malte comme destination et ainsi que d’évoquer mes premières impressions en arrivant cette île.

Malta est une île de 450 000 habitants allant jusqu’à plusieurs millions dans les périodes touristiques, se situant à la croisée des chemins entre l’Occident et le Maghreb et l’Orient. Malte est devenu indépendant de l’Angleterre en 1964, tout en gardant l’anglais comme langue nationale avec le maltais.

Parlons un peu du climat à Malte… Pour ne rien vous cacher on se croirait sur une ile paradisiaque ! Très peu de pluie, sous un climat méditerranéen- subtropical: un été chaud et un hiver relativement doux (actuellement 23 degrés au milieu du mois de novembre).

Le coût de la vie à Malte est relativement intéressant, d’une part l’ile appartient à la zone euro et évite ainsi les frais de change. D’autre part, le cout de la vie est environ 20% moins élevé qu’en France, il n’est pas rare de déjeuner pour moins de 5€ grâce aux pastizzerias que l’on peut trouver à chaque coin de rue.

Seule surprise : le prix de l’eau ! Car ici – contrairement à la France- l’eau n’est pas potable à proprement parler. Il faut donc acheter ses propres bouteilles d’eau et cela revient presque plus cher que l’alcool !

Que pouvons-nous dire sur la qualité des transports en commun ; honnêtement pas terrible ! Bien que le réseau de transport ait été modifié il y a deux ans de cela afin de répondre aux attentes, on ne compte plus le nombre de bus qui ne passent pas à l’heure prévue… le mieux est de s’armer de patience !

Arrivé à malte mi-septembre, ma première surprise a été avec le conducteur de taxi. En effet, ce dernier, s’est cru au volant une Ferrari, je vous rappelle qu’ils roulent à le cote gauche, je vous laisse imaginer les petites frayeurs que j’ai pu avoir !

C’est à minuit, après ce rallye que j’arrivai dans ma nouvelle famille, en discutant avec la mère de ma famille d’accueil je découvris qu’elle est professeur d’anglais, quoi de mieux pour apprendre l’anglais chez un professeur de langues ! C’est l’esprit apaisé que je pars me coucher en songeant avec impatience à la journée du lendemain : découvrir l’école et ses étudiants.

Au réveil je fis connaissance de mes colocataires venant des quatre coins du monde : un Italien, un Chinois et un Japonais. Et, C’est parti pour une nouvelle aventure !

L’école EF possède son propre Beach Club dans lequel on y a été conviés pour la journée d’information ; c’est à cette occasion que l’on a pu observer la diversité des étudiants. Les premières discussions étaient relativement désopilantes ! Et oui parler anglais n’était pas naturel pour nous. La journée se passa plus rapidement qu’il n’en faut pour le dire et se finit dans les bars a l’occasion d’une soirée d’intégration mémorable.

Ha j’oubliais ! Les sorties à Paceville ne sont pas chères ; il n’est pas rare de trouver des pichets à 5€, 60shots à 22€ ou encore 2 verres à moins de 3€. Chaque bar possède sa propre ambiance, du bar latino avec des cours de Salsa au Fuego’s jusqu’à la boite de nuit du Havana, tout en passant par les bars-club du Hugo’s ou Soho.

Quad Malta’s Recruitment & Operations Manager Interviewed By The Malta Business Review

This is an interview with Simon Casolani, Quad Malta’s Recruitment & Operations Manager with the Malta Business Review – one of Malta’s leading business magazines.

MBR_pg12What are the Benefits of using a professional HR Consultancy Firm?

The obvious benefits are time, cost and expertise. We help businesses maximise efficiency by reaching their goals in the shortest time possible.

Let’s take Recruitment – which is my area of responsibility – as an example. Thanks to our networks and expertise, businesses benefit from the opportunity to recruit people who would have otherwise never have got in touch with them. They save time and money as they’re not handling the lengthy process of advertising, sourcing, acknowledging, filtering, and screening. Above all, they do enjoy the benefit of having senior qualified professionals handling such a crucial area of the businesses. After all, a company is as good as its people.

Why should businesses seek your help when they can just advertise the vacancies themselves?

Both the quality and the quantity of candidates coming through print adverts have decreased considerably over the past few years.

In such a small business community like ours, a lot of good candidates are generally reluctant to apply directly; so they tend to go for an option which gives them the opportunity to be presented by a professional consultant. This also releases the HR department from a number of time and energy consuming tasks like acknowledging the receipt of CVs (most of which will be irrelevant), scheduling interviews, and giving feedback to candidates.

You also get the added benefit of a neutral point of view: a fresh pair of eyes. We only have the client’s best interest at heart. Before sending Cvs to clients, we ensure that every candidate has been screened in order to filter out the ill-fitting applicants. Only the best-suited candidates are sent to clients.

Why should candidates choose to be represented by you?

Due to our experience, we read CVs differently to an untrained eye. There have been many cases where candidates’ particular experiences or skills were not properly explained or highlighted in their CVs. In these cases, we speak to the candidates in order to decide whether they do satisfy the client’s requirements or not.

After we screen the CVs, we only invite those candidates who stand a really good chance of being offered the job. So candidates don’t have to waste time and energy (even making use of their vacation leave) going to interviews only to experience the disappointment of being turned down.

We maintain ongoing communications with the client’s hiring manager, and this enables us to better identify the candidates who come closer to their requirements.

What do your clients and candidates have to say about you?

We get a lot of positive feedback from our clients – so much so that most of them recommend us to their friends and family.

As a Boutique Consultancy firm with minimal staff turnover, we are able to provide both clients and candidates with a personalised service whereby they’re treated as individuals. Many candidates also feel very comfortable to send us their CV knowing that a few people – who are mature professionals – will be privy to such confidential information.

Both clients and candidates seem to appreciate the fact that we approach recruitment from an HR perspective – rather than a sales approach. In fact, while our competitors invest heavily in sales training for their employees, we receive training in employment law and other areas that help us provide a professional and informed advice both to employers and candidates.

In most cases, our relationship with clients has developed into a partnership (in some cases even a friendship where clients confide in us even on personal matters) rather than just a service provider.

Our consultants work as a close team – and it shows. We all share information and advice for the clients’ and candidates’ (therefore our team’s) benefit.

People @ Quad – Meet Simon

Name: Simon Casolani

Role: Operations and Recruitment Manager

Age: Getting older

Favourite Food: Seafood

Hi I’m Simon. During these past three-and-a-half years my life has changed completely thanks to Quad Consultancy, as I “morphed” from a stay-at-home dad into the company’s Head of Recruitment and Operations for our Malta branch.

Before joining Quad, I had some first-hand experience in recruitment as I had recruited a number of people in hospitality operations in the past. Having said that, however, my first six months were a steep learning curve. Not only did I have to adjust to being back to work…..I also had to deal with a new role, new colleagues, new procedures, and new technology. Having overcome these hurdles, I managed to establish myself within the company. Consequently, my role and responsibilities have continued to grow continuously.

I had a key role to play in Quad’s growth from being a relative newcomer into the market – as it was only eighteen months old – to one of the more established and reputable players in Malta. Luckily, I get to work with a team of qualified and ethical professionals.

As a believer in building long-lasting relationships with the relevant stakeholders based on trust, respect and a willingness to go the extra mile to help them out, I am very lucky to work for a company that promotes these values. Naturally, a number of clients have become friends, and this is another aspect that I really enjoy about this job.

As we’ve just waved goodbye to summer, I can say that I enjoyed it thoroughly. I hosted and got invited to a lot of barbeques with my family and a few close friends, delicious food and a good wine. Summer gives me the opportunity to merge two of my biggest hobbies: cooking and the outdoors. So, what’s better than outdoor barbeques (together with some nice wine)?

If you’d like to see me at my best outside work, give me a bunch of edible ingredients and let me work my magic. It also keeps me away from all the gadgets and techie stuff :).


A note from the team: Simon is the go-to guy for any cooking recipes, whether you are throwing a dinner party or a quiet family meal. His Pork Cheek Stew is our favourite and has been tried and tested and is highly recommended by all of us at the office…for the recipe you may get in touch with Simon directly!

Who knows….maybe in the future we will start a Cooking Blog by Simon on the website too!

Quad Malta’s MD Interviewed By The Commercial Courier

The Commercial Courier is the official business magazine of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry.

This month’s issue carries an interview with our Managing Director in Malta who talks about the company’s successful journey as it celebrates its 5th anniversary.

Commercial Courier - Pg 111