Maltese election

Survival Guide to Malta’s Election

I presume you’ve heard about the early election in Malta due to be held on the 3rd of June. If not, then you must be living in a different country or you have some magical powers I don’t know of. In that case, please, share them with me.

Good for those, who are into politics, its scandals and never-ending promises. However, for Non-Maltese, it’s probably one of the weirdest times on the island. Mediterraneans are well-known for being laid back…. But not when it comes to the election time in Malta……it’s a completely different story. The Mediterranean passion comes out in full force!

All of a sudden, we find ourselves in the middle of a battle between two opposite camps and friends not talking to each other (they even stop being friends on Facebook). Not to mention, that it’s pretty much the only thing everyone is thinking about and buying your morning pastizzi is like walking into the political dungeon.

Luckily, this time we only have to go through 33 days of that madness. So, what can you do to survive it?

  1. Slow down on Social Media
    I know, you’re not going to survive a day without Facebook and Twitter, I wouldn’t either. But… You can change your settings and unfollow any sources that will mention the election. Instead, like pictures of cute puppies and funny pandas, this way, you will be getting more posts like that
  2. Go to the beach
    One of the reasons why the majority of us moved to Malta is because of the sun and sea. So, why not make the best out of it? Grab a couple of beers, start a barbeque and just enjoy it. Can it get more Mediterranean than that?
  3. Netflix and chill
    Yep, this is NOT a typo. Can you imagine a better way of spending a weekend than hiding for two days, binge watching your favourite TV show, eating take-out and… Chilling with your other half? What did you think I meant by Netflix and chill? Huh?
  4. Go camping
    I’m not the biggest fan of the great outdoors. However, for those who don’t mind bugs and peeing in the bush, that’s probably the best way of disconnecting. Just make it a point to go with someone shares your same political beliefs, though.. Being locked up in a tent for two days with your current enemy might end up as a headline murder story…although probably no one will notice since everyone’s focused on the big event.
  5. Avoid the traditional extended family Sunday lunch
    There’s not much I can say here. Just don’t do it to yourself.

As much as you want to run away, it will still probably catch up with you… Sooner or later you will see the faces of political leaders, banners and manifestos. If you don’t want to get dragged into it, check our daily portion of infotainment to cheer up and get through the day.

Just remember, keep calm, and remember, it’s going to be over soon. Then it will be summer, and many people will be in village festa mood 😀


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