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I am Monika, originally from Lithuania, however I have been living abroad for 6 years now. To Malta I came from Bergamo, North of Italy where for two years I have been studying master’s in Clinical Psychology. And since I have decided to turn my career to organisational direction and I was very happy to get the Quad internship possibility. And here I am!

This is not my first time in Malta. I have visited the island 4 years ago with a friend of mine for 10 days. We were Couchsurfing, met a lot of people and went around Malta, visited Gozo as well. I returned absolutely obsessed with the country! I was telling everyone about Maltese people, wine, all the trips we took, adventures we had. However, when asked if I wanted to come back, I always said no. Simply because there are places I haven’t been.

How tables have turned!

Malta happened to be my 4th foreign country I have lived. After living in Italy and in Spain it is such a relief that it is an English speaking country with the benefits of the island. I was rather pleased to return to places I have been, see how it has changed and have the opportunity to gradually visit where I have not been like Marsaxlokk, Mallieha, Comino and hidden beauties around the island. It is interesting to see how Malta has expanded and that there are much more foreigners than in 2014.

For the first few days I was hosted by a Maltese guy who made me feel very welcomed and guided me through the essentials of living in Malta. I found a bunch of things that were very strange preferably called cultural differences. Firstly, it was the fact that I have sorted my life on Facebook. Via certain groups I found accommodation, part time job and any other relevant information. Also, I feel that Maltese people, on one hand, very kind and friendly but, on the other, rude and straightforward. They will be honking and cat calling women on the streets, suggesting going back to our countries when criticized but also, and what I really enjoy, they are relaxed and laid back, not stressed themselves and not stressing others. The island vibes are strong! What is more, they are very proud of their island but lack ecological thinking and are not taking care of it.

Later on, a couple of my friends visited me here and I had a pleasure to share what I found great about the island. We rented a car which made it much easier to go around because not all the places are easy to reach by public transport. So we could run away from tourists and were able to find awesome places to snorkel.

After first two months I have got the feeling that I do not want to go anywhere and I decided to stay longer. Due to that at the moment, since my internship is going to the end, there are a lot of things to figure out. It is scary but exciting.

Fortune favors the bold thus I am buzzing to see what future brings me.



Mano vardas Monika, esu iš Lietuvos, tačiau jau 6 metus gyvenu užsienyje. Į Maltą aš atvykau iš

Bergamo, Šiaurės Italijos, kur du metus studijavau klinikinės psichologijos magistrą. Ir kadangi nuspręndžiau savo karjerą pasukti organizacinės psichologijos keliu, aš buvau labia laimiga, gavusi galimybę atlikti praktiką su Quad. Štai aš čia!

Tai nėra mano pirmas kartas Maltoje. Saloje teko lankyis prieš 4 metus su drauge 10 dienų. Mes ‘couchsurfinome’, sutikome labai daug įdomių žmonių, pakeliavome aplink salą, taip pat nuvykome į Gozo. Po šių atostosgų grįžau visiškai įsimylėjusi šią šalį! Visiems pasakojau apie Maltiečius, mūsų keliones ir nuotykius. Taučiau paklausta, ar norėčiau sugrįžti, atsakydavau, kad ne. Paprasčiausiai dėl to, kad yra daug vietų, kuriuose nesu buvusi.

Kaip viskas pasikeitė!

Taigi, Malta yra ketvirtoji užsienio šalis, kurioje gyvenu. Pagyvenus Italijoje ir Ispanijoje, yra vienas malonumas būti anglakalbėje šalyje su salos privalumais. Džiaugiuosi galimybe aplankyti vietas, kuriose jau buvau, pamatyti, kaip viskas pasikeitė ir, kad yra daug daugiau užsieniečių, nei buvo 2014.

Pirmosiomis dienomis buvau apsistojus pas vietinį vaikiną, kuris mane labai maloniai sutiko ir supažindino su būtiniausiais dalykais, kuriuos reikia žinoti gyvenant Maltoje. Iš pirmo žvilgsnio, daug dalykų pasirodė labai keisti, ką geriau būtų vadinti kultūriniais skirtumais. Pirmiausia, tai buvo faktas, kad viską, ko man reikėjo, radau Facebook’e. Tam tikrų grupių pagalba radau vietą gyventi ir kitą reikalingą informaciją. Atrodo, kad maltiečiai yra labai malonūs ir draugiški, bet taip pat, nemandagūs ir tiesmuki. Jie signalizuos kelyje, švilps, pasiūlys grįžt namo, jei bus sukritikuoti, tačiau, kas man labai patinka, jų atsipalaidavimas, jų pačių streso vengimas ir kitų nestresavimas. Salos vaibai tikrai stiprūs! Pridėčiau, kad jie labai didžiuojasi savo žeme, bet ja nesirūpina ir labai trūksta ekologiškumo.

Bėgant laikui, pora mano draugų aplankė mane Maltoh ir turėjau malonumą pasidalinti puikiais dalykais, kurios radau šioj saloj. Mes išsinuomavom automobilį ir tai labai padėjo keliaujant aplink, nes kai kurios vietos nėra lengvai pasiekiamos viešuoju transportu. Mes galėjome pabėgti nuo turistų ir radom nuostabių vietų ‘pasnorkelinti’.

Po pirmų dviejų mėnesių pradėjau jausti, kad nenoriu niekur vykti ir nusprendžiau pasilinkti ilgiau. Dėl to dabar, kai mano praktika baigiasi, yra daug aspektų, kuriuos turiu išspręsti. Baisu, bet įdomu.

Sėkmė lydi drąsius dėl to nekantrauju pamatyti, kas bus toliau!

Job of the Week

The Client

Our client, a leading online gaming company is expanding its Compliance Department and is looking for a Media Buyer to their growing team in Malta.

Key Responsibilities

  • Hunt for appropriate media
  • Negotiate with Ad Networks for the best deals
  • Manage and optimize online campaigns whilst ensuring that the ROI remains positive
  • Build online media activities for the company on many different traffic channels


  • At least 2 years experience as a Media Buyer in the iGaming industry
  • Strong analytical skills (Excel, data analysis)
  • Fluent English, knowledge of other languages especially Swedish, will be considered a strong asset
  • High understanding of performance channel metrics (CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, CPA)

Interested candidates are invited to apply here.

Should you require further information, please, call David on +356 2099 4444

From Belgium with Love

From Belgium with love

Hello I am Marc, I am 25 and as you noticed I am Belgian. Born and raised in Congo, I came to Belgium 20 years ago.

It’s my first experience in Malta. I am here because of a program we have in Belgium organised by « le forem ».They provide us with some money to come here and to have our first experience in any area we want. For me it was recruitment. I have always liked this kind of job and the aspect of recruitment have always pleased me. So I decided to send my application to the organisation and it’ s been accepted.

When I knew that it was in Malta, I was very happy because, of the weather, of course, and the fact that it’s a little island with many things to visit.

So far I have met many people from many different countries (Japan, Spain, France, Ukraine, Libya, Macedonia, Romania, Germany and Italy). I like the fact that there are a lot of nationalities in one small Island. But sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to people that you just met ; Because they are here for a short time and it is hard to think that you will never see them again, because of the distance. We try to keep their Facebook, so we can still speak but it’s not the same when you talk in real life.

I live in a residence in Sliema. It is well placed, because I am not far from Paceville and St Julian and It’s possible to walk if I want to go to Valletta. It’s not a five stars hotel, but i like the atmosphere of the place. We can meet many people. For the moment I play Fifa with them and sometimes we put some money on it. I am lucky because at the moment it’s the world cup, so every night we watch the game together. If I am not in the residence, I watch the game on the big screen with some friends. I have always something to do after work.

About my Background. I have a degree in psychology. Why psychology ? Because i like to analyse, to ask questions to people just get to know them in details, but sometimes it can become annoying for some of them.

What about Maltese people ? I think that they are very loud and friendly. For example one time I was in a fast food restaurant and i didn’t have money in cash for a drink and I could not pay with my card. So someone told me that it’s not a problem I will pay for the drink that you want. I found it very nice because I was not use to that. But sometimes I find them very rude. For example in the bus I didn’t check the amount of money I had in my card, so when I tried to check the card in the bus the device made the sound that the card was not allowed and the driver was very rude with me. The way how he was talking to me was really bad and I found it offensive, I get over it because in general Maltese are friendly.

Until now I did not have the chance yet to have a long talk with a native Maltese. All the people I have met are from foreign countries like Gozo, I am kidding. But that’s true for the moment I have just met people from many countries but not from Malta. Strange ! The language is like Chinese to me. I can’t understand a thing. I have learn something :n If you want to express something like « Oh my God », you should say : « Madonna » to express your astonishment.

Sometimes they are talking to each other it makes laugh. They can be closer, but they will speak very loud like they were separated by the Golden Bridge.

About Maltese food. I don’t really know Maltese food because with my friends we used to go to many restaurants but not a Maltese one. I know that they like rabbits, beer with the famous « Cisk ». I think that I will try to find a Maltese restaurant. But, hey, I still have a full one month here.

It has already been 1 month that since I arrived on the Island and so far I have visited : Gozo, Valletta (twice), Blue Grotto and I went to Rabat by mistake. By mistake, because I got lost with the other interns. Before all of this, I had 2 weeks of English courses and it helped me a lot to improve my language and my accent.

I will show you different videos clips about what I have visited and what I have seen. I prefer to show you this way, because I am not a big fan of photos but instead, I am a fan of making video clips. So throughout those clips you will see the beauty of the Island.

So Far So Good !


De Belgique avec amour

Bonjour je m’appelle Marc, j’ai 25 ans et comme vous l’aurez remarqué je suis belge. Né et élevé au Congo, je suis venu en Belgique il y a 20 ans.

C’est ma première expérience à Malte. Je suis ici grâce à un programme organisé en Belgique par le « forem». Ils nous donnent de l’argent pour venir ici et avoir notre première expérience dans le domaine que nous voulons. Pour moi, c’était le recrutement. J’ai toujours aimé ce genre de travail et l’aspect du recrutement m’a toujours plu. J’ai donc décidé d’envoyer ma candidature à l’organisation et cela a été accepté. Quand j’ai su que c’était à Malte, j’étais très heureux à cause de la météo, bien sur, et le fait que c’est une petite île avec beaucoup de choses à visiter.

Jusqu’à présent, j’ai rencontré beaucoup de personnes de différents pays (Japon, Espagne, France, Ukraine, Libye, Macédoine, Roumanie, Allemagne et Italie). J’aime le fait qu’il y a beaucoup de nationalités dans une petite île. Mais parfois, il est difficile de dire au revoir aux gens que vous venez de rencontrer ; Parce qu’ils sont ici pour une courte période et il est difficile de penser que vous ne les reverrez jamais, à cause de la distance. Nous essayons de garder leur facebook, donc on peut toujours parler mais ce n’est pas pareil quand on parle dans la vraie vie.

Je vis dans une résidence à Sliema. C’est bien placé, car je ne suis pas loin de Paceville et de St Julian et il est possible de marcher si je veux aller à La Valette. Ce n’est pas un hôtel cinq étoiles, mais j’aime l’atmosphère de l’endroit. Nous pouvons rencontrer beaucoup de gens. Pour le moment je joue de la fifa avec eux et parfois on y met de l’argent. J’ai de la chance car en ce moment c’est la coupe du monde, donc tous les soirs on regarde le match ensemble. Si je ne suis pas dans la résidence, je regarde le match sur grand écran avec des amis. J’ai toujours quelque chose à faire après le travail.

A propos de mes études. J’ai un diplôme en psychologie. Pourquoi la psychologie ? Parce que j’aime analyser, poser des questions aux gens juste les connaître dans les détails, mais parfois cela peut devenir ennuyeux pour certains d’entre eux.

Qu’en est-il des Maltais ? Je pense qu’ils sont très bruyants et sympathiques. Par exemple, une fois j’étais dans un restaurant de restauration rapide et je n’avais pas d’argent en espèces pour boire un verre et je ne pouvais pas payer avec ma carte. Alors quelqu’un m’a dit que ce n’est pas un problème, je vais payer pour la boisson que vous voulez. Je l’ai trouvé très bien parce que je n’étais pas habitué à ça. Mais parfois je les trouve assez rude. Par exemple dans le bus je n’ai pas vérifié le montant d’argent que j’avais dans ma carte, donc quand j’ai essayé de vérifier la carte dans le bus ; l’appareil a fait le bruit que la carte n’était pas permise et le conducteur était très impoli avec moi. La façon dont il me parlait était vraiment mauvaise et je l’ai trouvé offensant. Je m’en remets parce qu’en général, les Maltais sont amicaux.

Jusqu’à présent, je n’ai pas encore eu l’occasion d’avoir une longue conversation avec un maltais d’origine. Toutes les personnes que j’ai rencontrées viennent de pays étrangers comme Gozo, je plaisante. Mais c’est vrai pour le moment je viens de rencontrer des gens de

nombreux pays mais pas de Malte. Étrange ! La langue est comme le chinois pour moi. Je ne comprends pas grand chose. J’ai appris quelque chose : Si vous voulez exprimer quelque chose comme « Oh mon Dieu », vous devriez dire : « Madonna » pour exprimer votre étonnement.

Parfois lorsqu’ils se parlent, ça me fait rire. Ils peuvent être proche l’un de l’autre, mais ils parleront fort comme s’ils étaient séparés par le Golden Bridge.

A propos de la nourriture maltaise. Je ne connais pas vraiment la nourriture maltaise car avec mes amis nous avions l’habitude d’aller à beaucoup de restaurants mais pas maltais. Je sais qu’ils aiment les lapins, la bière avec la fameuse « Cisk ». Je pense que je vais essayer de trouver un restaurant maltais. Mais, hé, j’ai encore un mois complet ici.

Cela fait déjà 1 mois que je suis arrivé sur l’île et jusqu’ici j’ai visité : Gozo , La Valette (deux fois), Blue Grotto et je suis allé à Rabat par erreur. Par erreur, parce que je me suis perdu avec les autres stagiaires. Avant tout cela, j’avais 2 semaines de cours d’anglais et cela m’a beaucoup aidé à améliorer ma langue et mon accent.

Je vais vous montrer différents clips vidéos sur ce que j’ai visité et ce que j’ai vu. Je préfère vous montrer de cette façon, parce que je ne suis pas un grand fan de photos mais plutôt, je suis fan de la réalisation de clips vidéo. Donc, à travers ces clips, vous verrez la beauté de l’île.

Jusqu’ici tout va bien !

All good things must come to an end

All good things must come to an end!

What an experience!!

I don’t know where to start…  3 months pass too quickly!! In a week i go  back to France, my maltese adventure will end, but Malta was one of the best experiences of my life.

I met many  lovely people.. And I’m so sad to leave now. My head is full of wonderful memories.

When I arrived in Malta, I wanted to improve my english which now is not so bad.

I think it was an experience I would never regret, I met people and had moments I will never forget..

During my 3 months I spent all my weekends  visiting wonderful places like Paradise Bay, Ramla Bay,Marsaxlokk, Comino, Gozo, and also making  BBQ’s on roof top or at the beach with my friends.Sometimes I also went to Paceville when I felt the dance fever lol, in fact in Malta you can’t get bored there is so much to do!!

Learning English with the Maltese accent is a little bit complicated. You only need to know a few maltese words to be  fully integrated:

  • Mela
  • Le lele
  • Yees yess yess
  • Oh Madonna!!!
  • Iva

Regarding maltese people, they are  very welcoming, and kind. I really fell in love about with their lifestyle because they live simply and also they are very family people.

What about my internship in Quad?

What a company!! Lol

From my point of view, Quad Consultancy is one of the best companies to complete an internship. Why? Because it is a very dynamic company that listens to its trainees, each suggestion or reflection is taken into account by the company but also they are very flexible.

At Quad Consultancy, I learned a lot in 3 months I have seen the entire recruitment process .Client appointments, sourcing , contact with candidates, participation in job interviews etc. The more days passed more I had responsibilities, I really appreciated it . What is also special about Quad is its working atmosphere that is very relaxed and joyful, we laugh a lot thanks to Marc and his famous jokes lol

To conclude this was a very rewarding experience that I will never forget, I want to thank the entire Quad team and also my tutors, we had a lot of fun 😉

This is not a goodbye but a see you later.;-)



Toutes bonnes ont une fin!

Quelle expérience!!

Je ne sais pas par ou commencer… Les 3 mois sont passés super vite, dans une semaine je retourne en France, mon aventure Maltaise touche à sa fin. Mon séjour à Malte a été l’une des meilleures expérience de ma vie. J’ai rencontré tellement de personnes formidables… Je suis triste de partir maintenant, mais ce qui est sûr, c’est que ma tête est remplie de merveilleux souvenirs. Mais peut-être ce n’est qu’un au revoir 😉

L’un des buts de mon séjour à Malte était d’améliorer mon Anglais et maintenant je pense qu’il n’est pas trop mal 😉

Je pense que c’est une expérience que je ne regretterais jamais, j’ai vécu des moments et rencontré des personnes que je n’oublierais pas…

Pendant mes 3 mois ici, j’ai passé la plupart des mes week-ends à visiter des lieux magnifiques tel que Comino, Gozo, Marsaxlokk, Ramla Bay, Paradise Bay, mais aussi j’ai fais pas mal de barbecues sur les rooftop ou en face de la mer, ce fut des moments agréables. Quand la fièvre du Samedi soir me prenais, j’allais à Paceville pour danser jusqu’au bout de la nuit  lol, à Malte il est impossible de s’ennuyer il y a tellement de choses à faire c’est incroyable.

Mon expérience Maltaise

Apprendre l’Anglais avec les Maltais c’est un peu compliqué. Pour être complètement intégré il faut savoir quelques mots tel que :

  • Mela
  • Lé lé lé
  • Yes yeees yees
  • Oh Madonna!!!
  • Iva

Les Maltais sont vraiment des personnes très accueillantes et chaleureuses, en cas de besoin les Maltais seront toujours là pour donner leur aide. J’ai beaucoup aimé leur style de vie, ils vivent très simplement et ça j’ai beaucoup aimé.

Qu’en est- il de Quad Consultancy?

Quelle entreprise!!!

De mon point de vue Quad est l’une des meilleures entreprises pour réaliser un stage. Pourquoi? C’est une entreprise très dynamique, qui est très ouverte d’esprit, mais aussi elle considère les stagiaires comme des éléments à part entière de l’entreprise, toute suggestion ou remarque effectuées par les stagiaires seront pris en compte.

Chez Quad j’ai beaucoup appris, pendant les 3 mois j’ai pu voir l’ensemble du processus de recrutement rendez-vous client, sourcing, prise de contact avec les candidats, participation aux entretiens d’embauche etc. j’ai vraiment apprécié qu’au fil des jours mes responsabilités aient augmentées.

Mais ce qui est spécial chez Quad c’est l’ambiance de travail qui est très décontractée et toujours dans la bonne humeur, on a beaucoup ri notamment grâce aux fameuses blagues de Mark.

Pour conclure c’était une expérience très enrichissante que je n’oublierais jamais. Je tiens à remercier l’ensemble de l’équipe et mes tuteurs de m’avoir accueillie, on s’est beaucoup amusés.

A bientot


France to Malta

Hello ! My name is Sabrina, I’m 26 years old and I come from Dijon, in France.

I finished my studies not so long ago, and now I’m an occupational psychologist doing an internship in Malta.

Why this additional recruitment internship? I already have some professional experience in the fields of professional orientation and insertion, and I wanted to discover the “other side” of this job and diversify my skills, especially improve my level of English. I also wanted to discover another country with a different culture and history. I love to travel so much, so I’m always motivated and happy to meet people with a different vision of life, it’s really rewarding.

Why Malta ? Malta is a historic island with a strong culture which attracted me. It is also a place where many people are fluent in English, and there are a lot of job opportunities.

I have been in Malta for 3 weeks now, the first week was spent discovering and visiting different places in this country. For example, I went to the historic city like Mdina which I fell in love with, and the 3 old cities (Cospicua, Senglea, Vittoriosa) located in front of Valletta. I also spent time in more peaceful places like Gozo with its beautiful beaches and high cliffs, it was really great to see it.

People here are really friendly, they are less stressed than in France (except on the road) and it feels good to be in Maltese mode 🙂 You can also meet a lot of people who come from different countries, it’s really rewarding.

So I started my internship within Quad Consultancy 1 week ago and I’m really happy to be part of this team. My colleagues are attentive and really caring with the trainees. I’m staying for 5 months so I know that I could really evolve my skills with different recruitment tasks and responsibilities.

In summary I have a really good first impression of Malta : it is a mix between many countries like Italy, Maghreb, England, France… You can also see it in the Maltese language and culture, and this is what makes this country so attractive to me.




Bonjour ! Je m’appelle Sabrina, j’ai 26 ans et je viens de Dijon, en France. J’ai terminé mes études il n’y a pas longtemps, et maintenant je suis Psychologue du travail en stage à Malte.

Pourquoi ce stage supplémentaire ? J’ai déjà de l’expérience professionnelle dans le domaine de l’orientation et de l’insertion professionnelle, et je voulais découvrir “l’autre” côté de ce métier et diversifier mes compétences, surtout augmenter mon niveau d’Anglais. Je voulais aussi découvrir un nouveau pays avec une culture et une histoire différente. J’adore tellement voyager, alors je suis toujours motivée et contente de rencontrer des personnes avec une vision de la vie différente, c’est tellement enrichissant.

Pourquoi Malte ? Malte est une île historique avec une forte culture qui m’a attirée. C’est aussi un endroit dont beaucoup de Maltais sont bilingues en Anglais, et il y a beaucoup d’opportunités professionnelles.

Cela fait 3 semaines que je suis à Malte maintenant, la première semaine à été consacrée à la découverte et visite des différents endroits de ce pays. Par exemple, je suis allée aux villes historiques comme Mdina dont je suis tombée amoureuse, et les 3 vieilles villes (Cospicua, Senglea, Vittoriosa) situées en face de la Valette. J’ai aussi passé du temps dans des endroits plus tranquilles comme Gozo avec ses belles plages et hautes falaises, c’était vraiment super de voir tout ça.

Les gens ici sont vraiment amicaux, ils sont moins stressés qu’en France (à part sur la route) et ça fait du bien d’être sur un mode Maltais Vous pouvez aussi rencontrer beaucoup de personnes qui viennent de différents pays, c’est vraiment enrichissant.

Donc j’ai commencé mon stage au sein de Quad Consultancy il y a 1 semaine et je suis vraiment contente de faire partie de cette équipe. Mes collègues sont à l’écoute et vraiment bienveillants avec les stagiaires. Je reste pour 5 mois donc je sais que mes compétences évolueront avec différentes tâches et responsabilités en recrutement.

En conclusion j’ai vraiment une bonne première impression de Malte : c’est vraiment un mélange de plusieurs pays comme l’Italie, le Magrheb, l’Angleterre, la France… Vous pouvez aussi le voir dans la langue Maltaise et la culture, et c’est ce qui fait que ce pays m’attire tellement.


Finally in Malta!!

Hello everyone !

My name is Lindsay, I am 22 and I come from Nantes, it is a city located in the North West of France. It is a city known for it’s cakes called “Biscuit Nantais”.

I have passed my Bachelors Degree in Human Ressources so I decided to move abroad for an internship to improve my English, but also to develop my skills in Human Resources. In fact, I have already worked as a Human Resources Assistant during my Bachelors Degree in a maritime shipping company. During this training I was in charge of making contrats, participating in the payroll process and organizing training for the seafarers. Thanks to this experience it made me want to continue my studies in this field.

I arrived in Malta on the 18th February and I literally love this place. The people are very friendly and kind except bus drivers sometimes are unpleasant. I rent a beautiful flat in Sliema near the ferry, I share this flat with 3 other girls who come from Japan and France. We are very close and do a lot of activities together like parties, dinners, or have a walk in Sliema.

I chose Malta for my internship because I wanted to discover another country, culture and also internationalize my resume for my future career. And the weather of course!!

I am doing my internship at Quad Consultancy for 3 months, my tasks will include participating at all the recruitment process, support the team and participate in some job interviews.

I am very exciting to work with these lovely people.



Bonjour tous le monde!

Je me présente je m’appelle Lindsay j’ai 22 ans et je suis de Nantes. Nantes est une ville située au nord-ouest de la France. Cette charmante ville est connue pour ses délicieux biscuits nommés les Biscuits Nantais.

J’ai validé cette année ma licence professionnelle Gestionnaire des Ressources humaines, une fois celle-ci validé j’ai décidé de partir à l’étranger pour effectuer un stage professionnel dans le but d’améliorer mon anglais et mes compétences. En effet j’ai réalisé ma licence en alternance dans une entreprise maritime, j’avais le poste d’assistante RH, j’étais en charge de préparer les contrats, participer à la paie, préparer les formations pour les marins

Je suis arrivée à Malte le 18 février 2018, et j’aime vraiment ce pays. Les habitants sont très accueillants et gentils sauf les chauffeurs de bus qui sont souvent désagréable. J’habite dans un superbe appartement situé en plein centre de Sliema que je partage avec 3 autres filles originaire du Japon et de France. Nous sommes très proches et nous faisons beaucoup d’activités ensemble tel que sortir en soirée, préparer des dîners, ou bien se promener aux alentours de Sliema.

J’ai choisi de partir à Malte car j’avais envie de découvrir un autre pays, une culture différente je cherchais aussi à être dépayser et c’est le cas.
Mais avant tout je cherche à internationaliser mon CV pour ma futur carrière.

Je suis actuellement en stage chez Quad Consultancy pour 3 mois j’aurais pour mission de participer au processus de recrutement, accompagner l’équipe dans leurs tâches mais aussi participer aux recrutements.

J’ai hâte de travailler dans cette nouvelle équipe !


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Employee Retention

Employee retention is one of the major challenges every business faces the world over. Our Managing Director was recently invited by the Malta Employers’ Association to talk about this subject on their weekly TV programme.

During this brief programme, the speakers discussed the reasons why people leave organisations, and why they stay on.

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How To Be A Bad Boss Effectively

by Mark J Galea

In my (wait a minute. Pause. Stop. I’m 41….so shall I describe my life as long, longish, or short, or relatively short?) professional life, I came across a number of books, articles and papers advising people how to be good or become better managers.

Every single piece of literature under this category aims at converting The Evil Witch/Queen into a whiter-than-white Snow White. I guess, that this creates a gap in the market. So how about addressing those people who want to play the villains at work? Someone needs to acknowledge and address these poor souls, right?

For this reason, I decided to come up with the Bad Boss’s Manual. Political correctness dictates that ignored minorities (or are bad bosses in the majority?) be accepted and embraced. By writing this manual, I feel that not only will they feel embraced, but they will also enjoy a reference guide….a sort of a satanic bible 🙂

Out of respect for generations X, Y and Z who lack enough patience to read articles but have enough time to “invest” in social media, I hereby present you with some brief points to help you become an even worse boss. These are my tips:

1) Empathy is for wusses: You are employed to get a job done. You were given a team to help you achieve YOUR goals….and bonus at the end of the year. Tough luck if they don’t like your style. The door is always open for them to leave and for their substitutes to come through. “Shape up or ship out”: THAT should be your mantra.

2) Terrorise your subordinates: The more your underlings fear you, the more productive they are. This also comes with the added benefit that no one will dare badmouth you. Ever. Not in private. Not in public. Actually, they will praise you with others (both inside and outside the company), and make sure that you get to know they did so. What could possibly give you better gratification than your underlings’ praise? On the flipside, look at how the “kind bosses” get criticised and denigrated in public (both openly and behind their back). Idiots!

3) Divide and conquer: Make sure that you have – at the very least – two factions in your team. Play to their weaknesses and make sure that you can effectively manipulate the weak and insecure team members. In such a scenario, your people will be elbowing each other to curry favour with you. To be in your good books. And while you’re at it, do encourage your underlings to spy on each other and report back to you (1984 style). Reward these loyal servants accordingly. Who can deny that this is a scenario that any manager dreams of?

4) Do your best to lose their trust: If your team fears you already, mistrust is a great bonus! You will become unpredictable in their eyes and THAT’S the one thing they clearly want to avoid. The last thing you want is for your underlings to feel safe. Remember that safe = complacent.

5) Make it clear that you play the political game, and that you have your own agendas: Nothing will make your people feel more insecure and terrorised than the fear of being left out of your grand plan. Actually, they will fight each other out for the leading role of your scheme. They will happily volunteer to do the dirty work for you. They will fight each other to the death like gladiators to climb the beanstalk and steal the magic harp from the giant. Make them play the political game like a video game: kill the ogres to score points. The more they kill, the higher the score…….Which gives me an idea. How about actually creating a leaderboard? No one would want to be at the bottom of the table, right? Muwahhhaaaahaaaaahaa.

6) Badmouth your underlings with other team members AND other managers: If you want to make sure that your underlings will treat you like a deity, you must prevent them from trusting you. Gossip as much as you can….and while you’re at it, make sure to add some of your spice. Go on. Spill the beans. Let them suffer and beg for your kindness.

7) Make sure they don’t trust you: Remember that trust also leads to complacency. If you earn the reputation of bad mouthing people, no one would want to fall victim of your rants. And what’s the best way for them to prevent this? By working hard to be in your good books….and to stay there.

8) Be angry all the time: No one likes to deal with angry people, and this would keep your underlings off your back. Would they dare bothering you with their personal problems? Of course not! Would they come up with some lame excuse for failing in their tasks? Unthinkable. Better still, no one likes to cross an angry manager. Who would be stupid enough to volunteer to fall victim of your wrath? No one should be that stupid, right? And if someone is that stupid, then they shouldn’t be on your team. This is an extremely effective way of getting things done, and achieve your goals.

9) Bark orders at your underlings: Nicities are for softies. Ditch any flowery language and make good use of your voice to show your people that you’re the boss. When ordering them around, make sure to bark your orders thus ensuring that your team is badgered into submission.

10) Be as unfair as possible: Make it clear that you have your own pets. That some animals are more equal than the others. Fairness is for the weak. You must also make sure to be unfair when rewarding your loyal servants. Kick logic and common sense out of the window. Make them crave and work hard for your favours. Convince them to turn their bitter disappointments (when you decide not to give them their rewards) into an even bigger strife for your favours.

11) Avoid consistency at all costs: Consistency makes you predictable; and you don’t want that, do you? Make sure that your underlings are constantly guessing what you’re scheming and that they can never be in a position to predict how you’re going to act. Spice this up by doing things in a diametrically opposed way to what you preach. Avoid acting like this all the time though, otherwise, you’d become consistent. After all, the element of surprise will keep your team motivated to follow your orders to the letter. You also need to master the art of dishonouring promises. Do it tactfully, and you’ll be laughing.

12) Clarity is a weakness: If you want to keep your team under control, make sure that your orders, instructions, and communication are as vague and convoluted as possible. This will inevitably make your underlings come to you asking for direction thus strengthening your power and forging their dependence on you.

13) Denigrate and ridicule your team in public: Make sure that you ridicule different individuals at least once a day. Quash their dreams. Make them understand that they are not worthy…..and keep on reminding them that there IS a reason (or more than one) why YOU are THE manager, and THEY are your servants. THEY are a means to an end. YOUR end. You’ll be amazed by the results you will achieve.

14) Take and keep complete control: Team members are like characters in a video game. You are the player holding the controller. Make sure that you dictate every single step. Every single move. There should be no room for individualism and personal ideas. YOU are the manager and YOU know best. Their role is to do what you say. To follow your instructions. You have no other option but to micromanage your underlings. You’re the only one who knows how every single task has to be carried out  😉

15) You know best: How dare they come up with ideas? How dare they suggest something that’s different to your way of doing things? How dare they question your you?There’s no room for suggestions or any form of discussion. This is yet another reason why micromanagement is the name of the game. Surely IF they were THAT good, THEY’d be managers, right?

16) Make them work hard for you: You will not tolerate anyone who dares to turn up late. It is also unacceptable for you that anyone dares to leave on time. Any “reasons” which – let’s face it – in reality, are excuses should be rubbished straight away. Make it clear that you expect your team to be at work early and leave as late as possible. You shouldn’t be happy to meet deadlines. Impress your bosses by finishing tasks before agreed deadlines. Needless to say, it’s OK for you to leave before any of your underlings.

17) Take all the credit for your underlings’ performance: This is precisely the reason why you need to hold the game controller. How can you claim success if you don’t have complete control? Make sure that your own bosses, your peers and your underlings know that your team’s excellent performance is SOLELY down to your input. If the company ever gets to lose you, there will be no tomorrow! They might as well shut down when you walk out the door.

18) Fire an employee every month: This will definitely keep them on their toes! Fire someone for the stupidest (and most illogical) of reasons, and you will see the team’s productivity soar. Keep this going every month, and you will be unstoppable. And remember: unstoppable = untouchable 😉

19) Hire underachievers: The more unemployable (for others) job candidates are, the more attractive they are for you. You will be the only one who gave them a job after weeks, months or years of searching. They will be forever grateful and will never, ever think of disobeying your orders. Furthermore, not a single one of these underlings will ever even think of dethroning you to take your job.

20) Surround yourself with yesmen: You already have to deal fellow managers and your bosses. Unfortunately, they don’t always do as you say. So why should you allow your underlings to add to the grief and frustration? You are the boss and their sole function is to march to your orders. Make sure that they clearly understand their place in your kingdom. Oops! I mean….department.

I will now leave you with this parting shot: always keep in mind that your decisions are irrevocable and final because, without a shadow of any doubt, you are always unquestionably right!

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