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I am Monika, originally from Lithuania, however I have been living abroad for 6 years now. To Malta I came from Bergamo, North of Italy where for two years I have been studying master’s in Clinical Psychology. And since I have decided to turn my career to organisational direction and I was very happy to get the Quad internship possibility. And here I am!

This is not my first time in Malta. I have visited the island 4 years ago with a friend of mine for 10 days. We were Couchsurfing, met a lot of people and went around Malta, visited Gozo as well. I returned absolutely obsessed with the country! I was telling everyone about Maltese people, wine, all the trips we took, adventures we had. However, when asked if I wanted to come back, I always said no. Simply because there are places I haven’t been.

How tables have turned!

Malta happened to be my 4th foreign country I have lived. After living in Italy and in Spain it is such a relief that it is an English speaking country with the benefits of the island. I was rather pleased to return to places I have been, see how it has changed and have the opportunity to gradually visit where I have not been like Marsaxlokk, Mallieha, Comino and hidden beauties around the island. It is interesting to see how Malta has expanded and that there are much more foreigners than in 2014.

For the first few days I was hosted by a Maltese guy who made me feel very welcomed and guided me through the essentials of living in Malta. I found a bunch of things that were very strange preferably called cultural differences. Firstly, it was the fact that I have sorted my life on Facebook. Via certain groups I found accommodation, part time job and any other relevant information. Also, I feel that Maltese people, on one hand, very kind and friendly but, on the other, rude and straightforward. They will be honking and cat calling women on the streets, suggesting going back to our countries when criticized but also, and what I really enjoy, they are relaxed and laid back, not stressed themselves and not stressing others. The island vibes are strong! What is more, they are very proud of their island but lack ecological thinking and are not taking care of it.

Later on, a couple of my friends visited me here and I had a pleasure to share what I found great about the island. We rented a car which made it much easier to go around because not all the places are easy to reach by public transport. So we could run away from tourists and were able to find awesome places to snorkel.

After first two months I have got the feeling that I do not want to go anywhere and I decided to stay longer. Due to that at the moment, since my internship is going to the end, there are a lot of things to figure out. It is scary but exciting.

Fortune favors the bold thus I am buzzing to see what future brings me.



Mano vardas Monika, esu iš Lietuvos, tačiau jau 6 metus gyvenu užsienyje. Į Maltą aš atvykau iš

Bergamo, Šiaurės Italijos, kur du metus studijavau klinikinės psichologijos magistrą. Ir kadangi nuspręndžiau savo karjerą pasukti organizacinės psichologijos keliu, aš buvau labia laimiga, gavusi galimybę atlikti praktiką su Quad. Štai aš čia!

Tai nėra mano pirmas kartas Maltoje. Saloje teko lankyis prieš 4 metus su drauge 10 dienų. Mes ‘couchsurfinome’, sutikome labai daug įdomių žmonių, pakeliavome aplink salą, taip pat nuvykome į Gozo. Po šių atostosgų grįžau visiškai įsimylėjusi šią šalį! Visiems pasakojau apie Maltiečius, mūsų keliones ir nuotykius. Taučiau paklausta, ar norėčiau sugrįžti, atsakydavau, kad ne. Paprasčiausiai dėl to, kad yra daug vietų, kuriuose nesu buvusi.

Kaip viskas pasikeitė!

Taigi, Malta yra ketvirtoji užsienio šalis, kurioje gyvenu. Pagyvenus Italijoje ir Ispanijoje, yra vienas malonumas būti anglakalbėje šalyje su salos privalumais. Džiaugiuosi galimybe aplankyti vietas, kuriose jau buvau, pamatyti, kaip viskas pasikeitė ir, kad yra daug daugiau užsieniečių, nei buvo 2014.

Pirmosiomis dienomis buvau apsistojus pas vietinį vaikiną, kuris mane labai maloniai sutiko ir supažindino su būtiniausiais dalykais, kuriuos reikia žinoti gyvenant Maltoje. Iš pirmo žvilgsnio, daug dalykų pasirodė labai keisti, ką geriau būtų vadinti kultūriniais skirtumais. Pirmiausia, tai buvo faktas, kad viską, ko man reikėjo, radau Facebook’e. Tam tikrų grupių pagalba radau vietą gyventi ir kitą reikalingą informaciją. Atrodo, kad maltiečiai yra labai malonūs ir draugiški, bet taip pat, nemandagūs ir tiesmuki. Jie signalizuos kelyje, švilps, pasiūlys grįžt namo, jei bus sukritikuoti, tačiau, kas man labai patinka, jų atsipalaidavimas, jų pačių streso vengimas ir kitų nestresavimas. Salos vaibai tikrai stiprūs! Pridėčiau, kad jie labai didžiuojasi savo žeme, bet ja nesirūpina ir labai trūksta ekologiškumo.

Bėgant laikui, pora mano draugų aplankė mane Maltoh ir turėjau malonumą pasidalinti puikiais dalykais, kurios radau šioj saloj. Mes išsinuomavom automobilį ir tai labai padėjo keliaujant aplink, nes kai kurios vietos nėra lengvai pasiekiamos viešuoju transportu. Mes galėjome pabėgti nuo turistų ir radom nuostabių vietų ‘pasnorkelinti’.

Po pirmų dviejų mėnesių pradėjau jausti, kad nenoriu niekur vykti ir nusprendžiau pasilinkti ilgiau. Dėl to dabar, kai mano praktika baigiasi, yra daug aspektų, kuriuos turiu išspręsti. Baisu, bet įdomu.

Sėkmė lydi drąsius dėl to nekantrauju pamatyti, kas bus toliau!

The Adventure Begins

     Today marks three weeks that I have been in Malta. Upon arriving here it was an adjustment to say the least. I am an American student, currently enrolled at a university in Charlotte, North Carolina pursuing my bachelor’s in business marketing. Most of you reading this blog may have never heard of that place but if you ever can travel to the states, I highly recommend visiting North Carolina. Whether it is mountains with rushing streams that you love or sandy beaches with miles of seashells, North Carolina offers it all.

     This past summer I had the pleasure of working at a restaurant on the coast that was a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Every time I would speak with a tourist from another country, they would tell me how much they loved the states. As a travelling enthusiast, I can confirm that it is always a joy experiencing other’s cultures. Within the first three weeks that I have been here, my activities have consisted of searching numerous shops for the food and beverages that I enjoy back home to find out that Malta’s grocery selections differ considerably to that of the US. However, I have found that Malta has many perks as well. Fresh bread is served daily just minutes from my apartment for a menial eighty to ninety cents. There are bakeries everywhere right along the street that serve hot pastries along with coffee shops and several cute cafés to enjoy. Needless to say, sweets are never sparse.

     I was brought to Malta because of a thirst for adventure and the need for an internship before I graduated. I never dreamed it would be on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean. I was very fortunate to be offered an internship at Quad Consultancy. This company is made up of a compassionate, helpful team of people whose goal is to improve the livelihood of people by introducing them to employers who take good care of their businesses and employees. One wonderful thing about Quad Consultancy is whether you’re an intern or consultant you are an important part of the team and you will be made to feel that way. As an intern you will be asked to help on projects that come up and contribute your ideas to the team.

     As for the culture of Malta, do not miss out on what this unique country has to offer. If you enjoy history, you will be richly blessed with a vast number of historical sites to explore. There are exquisite restaurants on every corner, and everyone is willing to help a lost traveller. The beauty of the island speaks for itself. I was able to make a trip to the Blue Grotto this past week, which is famous for its extraordinary sea reflections within the cave area. It was a challenge to not have my camera out the entire time. The island packs illustrious variety into its small archipelago. You’ll find hidden coves, breathtaking scuba diving, prehistoric temples and stunning cathedrals. Malta offers so much beauty that of which I hope to see much more of in the next three months.

I cannot wait to continue to share my experiences throughout this adventure!


Jessica Tweed

My first blog.

Hello, my name is Justina and I am reporting live from Quad Consultancy as a fresh Marketing Intern.

I come from one of the Baltic States – Lithuania. I live and study in the capital Vilnius. At the moment I am nearly finished with my Bachelor studies, the last step for me is an internship and the Bachelor Thesis. Thus, I find myself in Malta, as the intern in a Consultancy company, making the most of this experience.

This is the start of my fifth week in Malta and I have to say that so far it has been going great. The weather is something I needed to get used to as an Eastern European but it is, in fact, a nice change. As for now, I can only highly recommend visiting Malta and experiencing every benefit it has to offer. Starting from the always noisy and full of different food/shop spots Sliema beach coasts and finishing with the… well, there is too much to do here, thus, exploring never ends.

I do have to admit that I picked up an addiction along the way. A Creppe Place which I discovered in Sliema has another shop next to the Quad Office. Let’s just say, that I am a very loyal customer and not only I bring other loyal customers but also I advertise it as if I am paid by them. Other interns should agree. If you are ever in Malta, visit Kreppre. It is not sponsored, I promise.

From the nature side of Malta, well, it might not be as green and leafy I was used to in Lithuania, but I sure was amazed by the vast amount of pretty beaches and bays, lagoons and cliffs. You can feel the exotic part of Malta in every corner. The sea is very warm and helpful when trying to survive the heat. It is nothing like the Baltic Sea. I can spend the entire day just in Sliema Surf side’s natural pools. Of course I would need to have a break and grab a Creppe which is just a few minutes of walking.

The people surrounding you in Malta are very relaxed and easy going. The language that is common in every area is English. That makes the stay even more pleasant. All in all, the start is great for me and I am waiting for some more challenges and experiences that this journey will bring me.

Stay Tuned!


Sveiki, mano vardas Justina ir šiuo metu rašau jums iš įmonės Quad Consultancy, kurioje dirbu kaip „šviežia“ Marketingo praktikantė.

Aš gyvenu ir mokausi Lietuvos sostinėje – Vilniuje. Šiuo metu baiginėju Bakalauro studijas ir paskutinis žingsnis, kurį privalau žengt, tai yra privaloma pratika bei baigiamasis bakalauro darbas. Praktiką atlikti pasirinkau Quad Consultancy konsultacinėje įmonėje, saulėtoje Maltoje.

Maltoje skaičiuoju jau trečią savaitę ir turiu pripažinti, jog kol kas čia praleistas laikas tikrai puikus. Oras žymiai drėgnesnis, nei Lietuvoje, tad prie šito dar tikrai reiki priprasti, tačiau visada galima paskirti dieną mirkstant jūroj. Tikrai rekomenduoju užsukti į Malta ir išbandyti viską ką ji turi pasiūlyti. Pradedant triukšmingais Sliemos paplūdimiais ir baigiant.. na, čia visada visko apstu, tad galima pavargti tyrinėjant.

Turiu pripažinti, kad Maltoje supratau, kad esu priklausoma nuo itališko stiliaus blynų Creppe. Puikią vietą atradau Sliemoje ir mano džiaugsmui, jie turi dar vieną kavinę prie pat Quad ofiso. Galiu pasakyti tik tiek, jog pritraukiau daug lojalių lankytojų, kiti praktikantai pritars. P.S. Jei kada būsite Maltoje, aplankykite Kreppre. Ši žinutė nėra paremta Kreppre, prižadu.

Kalbant apie gamtą Maltoje – ji ne tokia žalia kaip Lietuvoje. Tačiau mane stipriai sužavėjo visi paplūdymiai, įlankos, uolos bei lagūnos. Jūra be galo šilta ir švari, ji puikiai padeda išsigelbėti nuo karsčio. Jūroje mirkti įmonoma visą dieną, ypač Sliemos Surf Side jūros baseinuose. Žinoma, reikia padaryti pertrauką ir suvalgyti Creppe, kurį galima pasiimti paėjus už kampo.

Maltiečiai be galo atsipalaidavę bei draugiški. Taipogi, tai, jog visi kalba angliškai, net ir visose įstaigose, labai palengvina gyvenimą užsienyje. Dar tik pradžia, ir tikrai žinau, kad manęs laukia daug nuotykių ir įsimintinų patirčių, tad viskas dar tik priešaky!

Laukite žinių,


All good things come to an end!

After three incredible months in Malta I have to say goodbye to the island. I can say that until now it has been the best experience in my professional and social life.

During these months I have had the opportunity to meet Maltese people and learn some words such as “Madonna” (a very versatile word. It can be used for when you’re scared, happy, sad or even angry), “Mela” (covers the entire basis in Maltese), “Bomba” (to say something that has been cool). Also, I have tried many typical Maltese food such us the Pastizzi, It is one of the most common cakes of the island they can be founded in any pastry shop. Ftira, disc-shaped semi-flat bread made with flour, water and salt. It is reminiscent of a ciabatta in both texture and the Gbejniet one of the typical cheeses from Gozo, traditionally realized with milk of goat or of sheep. In addition to that, you cannot leave the island without having tried the Cisk beer.

On the other hand, I have had the opportunity to visit most of best places on the island. It has to be said that Malta has a lot of beautiful places where you can disconnect and relax. Personally, I think that my favourite places in Malta are Manoel Island beach, where you can see all Valletta, and Coral Lagoon located in the north of the island. What I like most about that place is that you can rent a kayak and go through the sea until you arrive at a big cave with a hole on top of it.

The whole experience in Malta has been unforgettable; I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people from all over the world and what it is more interesting is that from all of them it is possible to learn something new. Also, I have to mention my good relationship with the embassy because I have spent more time there than in my house.

Finally the best part of my blog comes and it is about Quad Consultancy. I have to affirm that the group that forms Quad is incredible, all the consultants are really nice and they are always making jokes to keep a good atmosphere. Also, I had the opportunity to enjoy my time with the other interns in the office as well as out of the office in the evenings. During my stance in Quad they have given me a lot of opportunities to learn with them and put into practice my studies. Just to give an example I was in charge to create a presentation for future clients and to make an advertisement that appeared in one of the most important newspaper in Malta.

To sum up, I will like to thank all the people from Quad and the people I have met in Malta, and the best thing to do so, is to put a photo that simplifies my three months here in Malta.

Many thanks!

Ibon Basterrechea



¡Todo lo bueno tiene su final!

Después de tres meses increíbles pongo fin a mi estancia en Malta. Hasta el momento puedo afirmar que ha sido la mejor experiencia que he vivido, tanto profesional como personal.

Durante estos tres meses he tenido la oportunidad de conocer gente Maltesa y aprender palabras que utilizan continuamente. La palabra preferida de los Malteses es “Mela”, tiene más de siete significados diferentes pero comúnmente es conocida para decir “vale”. Luego está la palabra “Bomba” que hace referencia a algo entretenido o extravagante. “Madonna” también la utilizan para mostrar sentimientos. Por otro lado, también he probado comida típica Maltesa como los Pastizzi, pequeñas tartas de hojaldre que se pueden encontrar en todas las pastelerías. La Ftira es un pan maltés con forma de anillo, generalmente se come con rellenos como, patatas, tomate fresco, cebolla, carne y aceitunas. Para los que les guste el queso, en la Isla de Gozo hacen el Gbejniet, es un pequeño queso redondo hecho a partir de leche de oveja o de cabra.

Asimismo, he podido visitar gran parte de la isla y la verdad es que hay muchos sitios en los que se puede desconectar y disfrutar de las vistas. Para mí, los dos mejores sitios de la isla son la playa de Manoel Island, en la que se puede ver Valletta y el Coral Lagoon situado en el norte de la isla, alejado de los spots turísticos y la mejor forma de acceder es alquilando unos kayak.

Toda la experiencia en Malta ha sido inolvidable, gracias a que he podido conocer gente de
todos los lugares del mundo ya que Malta es un destino muy frecuentado para hacer prácticas.

Por último, me gustaría agradecer a Quad Consultancy el gran trato que he recibo por parte de toda la plantilla. El ambiente en la oficina es perfecto y los consultores están constantemente haciendo bromas para mantener el buen ambiente entre los de prácticas y ellos. La empresa me ha dado muchas posibilidades para aprender de ellos, desde hacer anuncios para el principal periódico de Malta, colaborar en el diseño de la nueva página web, a presentaciones corporativas para los clientes de Quad. Por otra parte, también me gustaría agradecer al grupo de estudiantes que estábamos de prácticas en Quad; ¡han sido tres meses increíbles!

Hasta pronto,

Ibon Basterrechea

Job of the Week

The Client

Our client, a leading online gaming company is expanding its Compliance Department and is looking for a Media Buyer to their growing team in Malta.

Key Responsibilities

  • Hunt for appropriate media
  • Negotiate with Ad Networks for the best deals
  • Manage and optimize online campaigns whilst ensuring that the ROI remains positive
  • Build online media activities for the company on many different traffic channels


  • At least 2 years experience as a Media Buyer in the iGaming industry
  • Strong analytical skills (Excel, data analysis)
  • Fluent English, knowledge of other languages especially Swedish, will be considered a strong asset
  • High understanding of performance channel metrics (CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, CPA)

Interested candidates are invited to apply here.

Should you require further information, please, call David on +356 2099 4444

Discovering Malta

Hi everyone !

Here I am for my second note on Quad’s blog, I’m currently starting my last month in Malta. During this past month I’ve had the opportunity to discover and to learn more about the history and the culture of the island.

First thing I would like to say is that I’m finally getting used to the Maltese bus system. The key is to remain patient, you should also bring a sweater or a jacket with you because it seems like they are very proud of there AC and put it on even though it’s getting chilly outside. If not you’ll probably catch a cold like I did haha!

About the internship, everything is still going really well, I’m learning more about how the company works and how to do a lot of things. What I enjoy about Quad Consultancy is that whatever you are working on, it’s always done in a good atmosphere. I feel lucky I have found a Company where I can discuss and exchange opinions with people, and not only about professional matters, but everyday life subjects too.  

This past month and a half I’ve visited many places in Malta. From Valletta to Comino, Marsaxlokk, Birgu, and Ghajn Tuffieha’s beautiful orange sanded beach. But my favourite place is probably Ħaġar Qim; a mix of culture and history right next to the sea. If you’re a bit adventurous you can go out of the path and go down the hill, you’ll discover a perfectly abandoned cove where you can swim and relax.

I really enjoy the fact that there are beaches all around the Island, I went to Comino, Ghajn Tuffieha, Mellieħa, Paradise Bay… My favourite one is Ghajn Tuffieha, surrounded by nature, fine sand and beautiful water. I advise you to go in the morning, so you can find the perfect spot before other tourists arrive.

For this upcoming month I’ll probably be relaxing and enjoying my last weeks here while watching the World Cup haha. Unfortunately I’ll have to wright an internship report for my University so it will take me some time, but I still will still take advantage of the rest of my time here.

Take care,




Salut à tous,

Voici ma deuxième contribution au blog de Quad, je viens d’entrer dans le dernier mois de mon stage à Malte. Pendant le mois qui vient de s’écouler, j’ai eu l’opportunité de découvrir un peu plus l’île et sa culture.

La première chose à dire, est que je commence à peu près à m’habituer au réseau de bus maltais. La clé est sûrement la patience, mais vous pouvez aussi prendre un petit gilet afin de vous protéger de leur climatisation, dont ils semblent très fiers. A moins que vous préfériez attraper froid comme moi haha…

Concernant le stage, tout se passe très bien, j’en apprend tous les jours plus à propos du fonctionnement de l’entreprise, comment les recruteurs fonctionnent, les choses à faire et ne pas faire. Ce qui est également intéressant est d’avoir différents points de vues dans l’entreprise. Ce qui me plaît dans cette entreprise est que peu importe sur quoi porte votre travail ou celui de vos collègues est qu’il est fait dans la bonne humeur. J’ai la chance d’avoir trouvé une entreprise dans laquelle on peut parler et échanger avec des personnes sur des sujets qui ne concernent pas nécessairement le travail.

Au cours du dernier mois j’ai visité de nombreux endroit à Malte, de La Valette à Comino, en passant par Marsaxlokk, Birgu et la plage de sable ocre à Ghajn Tuffieha. Mon lieu favori pour l’instant est sûrement Ħaġar Qim, un mélange d’histoire et de culture au bord de la mer. Si vous êtes un peu aventurier, sortez du chemin et aventurez vous en bas de la colline, vous découvrirez une petite crique parfaitement abandonné. Elle n’est pas spécialement faite pour bronzer, mais vous y serez en paix, et vous pourrez vous baigner en profitant d’un calme plutôt rare à Malte.

Ce que j’apprécie à Malte c’est qu’il y a des plages pour tous les goûts, et partout dans l’île, j’ai pu aller à Comino, Ghajn Tuffieha, Mellieħa, Paradise Bay… ma préférée à ce jour est Ghajn Tuffieha, entourée de nature, son sable ocre et son eau transparente. Je vous conseille peu importe la plage de partir tôt le matin afin de pouvoir trouver le meilleur endroit sur la plage avant que les hordes de touristes arrivent.

Pour les semaines à venir je vais sûrement profiter et me reposer, tout en regardant la Coupe du Monde.

A plus,




¡Hola a todos!

Aqui esta mi segunda participación para el blog de Quad Consultancy, hoy empece el ultimo mes de mi practica en Malta. En el mes que ha pasado tuve la oportunidad de descubrir un poco más la isla y su cultura.

La primera cosa que quiero decirles es que casi me acostumbre al sistema de colectivos maltese, seguramente la clave es la paciencia, pero pueden también llevar una chaqueta para cubrirse, parecen re orgullosos de su aire acondicionado jaja!

Mi pasantía está pasando re bien, estoy aprendiendo nuevas cosas cada dia sobre el trabajo de reclutador y sobre el funcionamiento de la empresa. Lo interesante también es de tener diferentes puntos de vistas adentro sobre problemáticas. Pero lo que me gusta además de todo es que no importa lo que estás haciendo, o lo que hacen sus colegas, todo se hace en una buena atmósfera. Tuve la suerte de encontrar a la buena empresa, en cual puedo charlar con la gente e intercambiar sobre temáticas profesionales y personales.

En este mes pasado, visité muchos lugares en Malta, de Valetta hasta Comino, pasando por Marsaxlokk, Birgu y Ghajn Tuffieha con su playa de arena ocre. Pero mi lugar favorito hasta hoy es seguramente Ħaġar Qim, un mezcla de de historia y de cultura a lo lado del mar. Si sos un rato aventurero, sal del camino y baja de la colina, descubrirán una pequeña cala perfectamente abandonada. No es el mejor lugar para broncear pero podrán bañarse aprovechando de una tranquilidad rara en Malta.

Lo que me gusta en Malta también es que hay playas para todos los gustos, y por todos lados. Fui a Comino, Ghajn Tuffieha, Mellieħa, Paradise Bay… pero mi preferida es Ghajn Tuffieha porque está rodeada de naturaleza, por la lindeza de su arena ocre y del agua transparente. Les aconsejo de ir lo más temprano posible antes que todos los turistas lleguen.

Para las semanas a venir, ciertamente voy a disfrutar y descansar mirando el Mundial.

Hasta luego,



Finally in Malta!!

Hello everyone !

My name is Lindsay, I am 22 and I come from Nantes, it is a city located in the North West of France. It is a city known for it’s cakes called “Biscuit Nantais”.

I have passed my Bachelors Degree in Human Ressources so I decided to move abroad for an internship to improve my English, but also to develop my skills in Human Resources. In fact, I have already worked as a Human Resources Assistant during my Bachelors Degree in a maritime shipping company. During this training I was in charge of making contrats, participating in the payroll process and organizing training for the seafarers. Thanks to this experience it made me want to continue my studies in this field.

I arrived in Malta on the 18th February and I literally love this place. The people are very friendly and kind except bus drivers sometimes are unpleasant. I rent a beautiful flat in Sliema near the ferry, I share this flat with 3 other girls who come from Japan and France. We are very close and do a lot of activities together like parties, dinners, or have a walk in Sliema.

I chose Malta for my internship because I wanted to discover another country, culture and also internationalize my resume for my future career. And the weather of course!!

I am doing my internship at Quad Consultancy for 3 months, my tasks will include participating at all the recruitment process, support the team and participate in some job interviews.

I am very exciting to work with these lovely people.



Bonjour tous le monde!

Je me présente je m’appelle Lindsay j’ai 22 ans et je suis de Nantes. Nantes est une ville située au nord-ouest de la France. Cette charmante ville est connue pour ses délicieux biscuits nommés les Biscuits Nantais.

J’ai validé cette année ma licence professionnelle Gestionnaire des Ressources humaines, une fois celle-ci validé j’ai décidé de partir à l’étranger pour effectuer un stage professionnel dans le but d’améliorer mon anglais et mes compétences. En effet j’ai réalisé ma licence en alternance dans une entreprise maritime, j’avais le poste d’assistante RH, j’étais en charge de préparer les contrats, participer à la paie, préparer les formations pour les marins

Je suis arrivée à Malte le 18 février 2018, et j’aime vraiment ce pays. Les habitants sont très accueillants et gentils sauf les chauffeurs de bus qui sont souvent désagréable. J’habite dans un superbe appartement situé en plein centre de Sliema que je partage avec 3 autres filles originaire du Japon et de France. Nous sommes très proches et nous faisons beaucoup d’activités ensemble tel que sortir en soirée, préparer des dîners, ou bien se promener aux alentours de Sliema.

J’ai choisi de partir à Malte car j’avais envie de découvrir un autre pays, une culture différente je cherchais aussi à être dépayser et c’est le cas.
Mais avant tout je cherche à internationaliser mon CV pour ma futur carrière.

Je suis actuellement en stage chez Quad Consultancy pour 3 mois j’aurais pour mission de participer au processus de recrutement, accompagner l’équipe dans leurs tâches mais aussi participer aux recrutements.

J’ai hâte de travailler dans cette nouvelle équipe !